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Brian Eckard

Brian, or Woodbrdge as he is known in the Trainz world, has been a Trainz enthusiast since 2002. He has been a train simulation fan since the beginning, starting with the Mechanik, then BVE, MSTS, and finally Trainz. Before that he was an avid flight simulation fan.

In 2003 Brian started creating the Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes railroad layout. His goal is to model the entire railroad in Trainz.

Brian has been an avid model railroader since he was a child. He has created layouts in 027, S-gauge, HO, N, and Z. In August 2005 Brian joined the Editorial Board of Virtual Railroader, bringing with him his extensive publishing experience. He is a professional Technical Writer with nine years of experience working for various large corporations in Dallas TX, and a well known Software Company, which is located in the Seattle WA area. He also has over 12 years experience as a corporate trainer.

Brian lives in the Pacific Northwest region of the USA in Sumner, WA, which is located near Seattle.

2006 Brian Eckard. All rights reserved.


Melissa Eckard

Melissa is a newcomer to the world of Trainz... actually, she was somewhat thrown into train simulation unknowingly. Being the wife of Brian Eckard, she is now "stuck" with trains and their active role in her life. Since meeting Brian, she has been fully educated on the names of all the railroads and types of trains that run throughout the pacific northwest. She has grown accustom to having to show proper respect to the trains in motion by saluting them with a moment of silence. 

After the rumbling stops, she returns to her normal life as a mother, writer, used-to-be-banker (for 5+ years) now homemaker. She assists with website design and various aspects of SJPC.

Melissa also resides in Sumner, WA... land where it rains 9 months out of the year.     

2006 Melissa Eckard. All rights reserved.



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